Saturday, June 1, 2013

Very close

Well, June has arrived which can only mean one thing.... Germany is just around the corner.  In some ways, I have never been so behind in planning for a trip before, but in others, I have never been so ready to go. This year's trip will include some old favorite cities as well as some new ones and will be a little different because I will be meeting up with a choir for a chunk of the trip. After having traveled with only a friend or two for so many years, I am not totally certain if I will like traveling with a big group. It certainly will make travel easier, but also won't allow me the flexibility and freedom I'm used to. In any case, I am excited for time to recharge, play old organs, an soak up the culture I love so much. In the meantime, I will be frantically practicing, getting things in order at work, and packing. (For any who know me well, you know packing and figuring out maximum space in a small carry on is half of my fun.)

So, welcome back to my blog. I hope to post often and it is my goal to actually finish the trip and not stop blogging halfway through. I'm glad you are joining me, and feel free to get on my case if I stop blogging before I'm back in America.

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