Tuesday, June 4, 2013

One Week....

One week from today, I will be getting on that plane. In some ways, I'm very ready to be there. In fact, on some levels, I've already checked out. In other ways, I feel like I could use another month of preparation. Anyway you look at it, I'm very much in pre-trip mode. The huge mess of piles in my room as I work on packing is testimony to this. I have clothes and shoes and music strewn everywhere.

As a side note, I attended a gradation this evening for the kids I student taught with long ago. They were in second grade the spring I student taught. Tonight they graduated. I feel old. Being back brought back a rush of old memories and emotions and it was a little strange to be back and see them. I didn't recognize some of them since they'd changed so much. Some didn't change a bit. Some of the staff was the same, others were new since I'd been there. It was all very surreal like being in some strange time warp. And, it made me feel old. Very old.

Life is a funny adventure, and I'm ready to be in Germany. I come alive in Germany. American organs aren't cutting it any more. My music comes alive there, too.

One week from today.....

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