Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday #2

Today we got up and went to church. It was another disappointing service and I cannot wait to go to a SELK church next week! There wasn't even communion at this service.  The organ tempos were all over and the saddest thing was that when we went to the balcony we saw that the organ was rebuilt, but the original was there enough for us to see what it was. Such torture! Another organ destroyed! I really fear for the historic instruments here. I wonder if any of the ones I played will end up destroyed in my lifetime. It's such a rich treasure trove here but so few people realize how wonderful it is. 

From here we grabbed a quick lunch at the American Embassy (McDonalds) where I had falafel, fries with mayonnaise, and apfelschorle.  I wish McDonald's were like this at home. Then I might actually eat there. 

Finally it was off to Worms. I was so exited to finally get here and disappointed that we didn't have more time to look around. We saw the largest Luther statue in Germany which was super awesome. 

Then we said our goodbyes to the group and got one last picture and headed for the train station. Looking back, I would say that while there were challenges and it is very different traveling with a group, I do not regret the experience.  I met new people and got to see more Luther places than ever before and some that would be impossible to get to by public transportation. 

We were on a train for several (5+) hours and arrived in Hamburg around 10 PM. It is just as I remember it- a questionable train station  filled with all sorts of characters and one questionable block followed by a nice blog followed by a questionable block. Here is one place where it is worth paying a little more for a hotel to make sure you are in a good part of town. I am eager to get to the main part of town and look around and see things again.   

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