Thursday, June 27, 2013

The key is mine!!!

Sorry for the extreme lack of updates but Internet has been quite hard to come by. I've been blogging off-line and hope to soon post all of these in the days to come. Be sure you check back often and scroll down as I work to fill in missing days! 

Today we left Hamburg and headed to Magdeburg. My friend Manfred found an amazing ticket for Ross and I to get there so it was super cheap. Once we were there, we checked into our hostel which was awesome. It is family run and our rooms were gigantic! Ross's room had a balcony so I was totally jealous of that. My room. Had a huge living area separate from the bed area.  It is kiddy corner to the train station so very easy to get to. It was sometime 42 euros for the night which included breakfast in the morning. Te only downside is that it was a shared floor bathroom but for that price, I think it will be just fine. 

Once we were settled we headed to the Dom and met Barry to get the key for Niederndodernleben. It is a big skeleton key. I am pretty pleased to be able to have that big honkin' key in my possession the next few days and get to go play that organ whenever I want!

 Immediately, we hopped on the train and to it two stops to Niederndodernleben  and I walked the very familiar path to the church. We played several  (4+) hours and once again I didn't take any pictures because I have been here so many times I already have a ton of pictures from this church.  

Around 8:30 PM we headed back to town and met up with Manfred and 3 of his friends at a Czech restaurant  where there was pleasant conversation, we learned and asked questions of each other's cultures and the men at the table enjoyed a great many beers. I stuck to my bitter lemon. We stayed until pretty late before heading back for the evening. 

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