Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another scorcher!

Today was HOT. It was another 2 shower day. It has never been this hot for this long while I've been over here. Hot or not, we loaded the bus and our first stop was Erfurt. This is near the little town I gave my recital in last year and I've been to this city several times. When we got there, we went to see the Augustinian monastery where Luther was. I hadn't seen that, so I enjoyed getting to visit. The chapel was gorgeous, though they were working on the windows so you couldn't see them. It seems there are more restorations this year than previous years. Fortunately they had coverings on the windows so you could be an idea of how it should be. 

There was also a wonderful crucifix which I liked very much even though it clearly was too modern to have been there when Luther was. 

We also saw the little chapel and gardens in the monastery and someday I'd like to go stay overnight there and do the whole tour. Even the walkways were awesome. 

From here we went to Arnstadt where I had been before and have already played the organ. Then we did a quick stop at Doernheim where Bach was married the first time, but w didn't get to see inside the church. 

From here it was off to a wonderful dinner where I nearly died from the heat and then we sat outside singing German drinking songs which proved quite entertaining to watch. Seem people enjoyed their beer a little too much. There were lots of bugs. Ross and I decided the influx of bugs is likely related to the flooding and extra water. So many mosquitos where there usually are none! We ended the evening singing the Reformation Polka and right as we we finishing the lightning did strike and rain came. Oh, sweet rain! With it there was a noticeable temperature drop. Thank God for the rain and hopefully the weather will return to normal cool and rainy!

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