Friday, June 28, 2013

One happy girl

Today was a good day. Basically, it went something like this:

Wake up
Eat breakfast
Drop off luggage at next hostel (no availability last night so we had to move)
Get on train
Walk to church

About 5 hours of organ playing!!!!! We took turns playing an listening and I was end very happy girl by the end of of this. Ross was super helpful with registrations and such.  It was nice to be able to sit and listen when he played since I have played the organ in past years but not always gotten a chance to hear it. 

Once we were finished we went back and checked in at the youth hostel. Compared to some of the hotels  we stayed in with the choir, this is every bare- bones but it is saving money. Our rooms were each only 33 euro which included breakfast. Score! 

We met Manfred at 7 PM and  went to the SELK church we will be going to on Sunday. We met met the pastor and his wife who are super nice and planned out Sunday's exchange service which I am really looking forward to. It was great to get to know them a bit and we figured out which hymns I will play and which hymns Ross will play. Again, we got back to the hostel pretty late but it was worth it because we did so many good things today. 

Sorry for no pictures but I didn't take a single one today. Not really much to photograph here that I don't already have pictures of. 

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