Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A lazy day in Hamburg

After so many days of running all over we decided to take a slower paced day. I slept in until 7:30. After getting ready we headed to Starbucks for breakfast. Normally I do not support them ever but when in Europe it is one of the few places to find free Internet. So, we sat there for an hour while I uploaded the last several days worth of blog entires that I had prepared off-line in the days before. 

Once blogging and email were more or less up to date, we walked around the city and went in several more churches. The goal was to get to all five of the major ones, which we did over the course of our time here. At noon we went back to the Katharinenkirche for a noon time concert. The only thing played  was Bach's Toccata Adagio and Fugue but it was indescribable to sit there and listen to this instrument. Of course, I generally only like old instruments but since this is a replica of an older one I like it very much.  It is so wonderful it would have been fine to leave it at just the rückpositiv but now it is even better. It is so sweet to sit and listen and the space is very bouncy and you can hear the sound ricocheting off the walls. In that short 20 minute concert I must have gotten chills at least 10 times. It was a wonderful experience and I was glad for the opportunity to hear it. Some day I will go back to play it. I am also anxious to get home and try to talk to Paul Fritts who helped voice it and see what he has to say about the whole project. 

After this we went to the hotel to drop things off and walked around the city for quite awhile. Then, to satisfy my almost week-long craving for European pizza, we had pizza for lunch. YUMMY!!!!! Then another long walk and then we went to the Kunsthalle where we at and stared at old art. Ross likes all art but knows I like old art so he was nice enough to let us start there. We literally sat and stared at some of the things in there. The was someone absolutely gorgeous stuff there, and even another Cranach painting for me to see!! Once finished there we peeked at the modern art. Things like a canvas painted green with a brown rectangle on it. I could doom that. Especially after seeing old art that is so intricate and detailed, I just don't care for this so called "modern" stuff. We then went to the hall displaying art from the 1700 and 1800s so I liked that a little better, but I still like the old stuff best. We stayed until they literally kicked us out after closing time. Hurray format museums!!

We took the long walk back to the hotel and I watched some German TV for awhile which was rather entertaining. By the way, since it was grey ugly skies all day and it was forbidden to take pictures in the museum, I didn't take many pictures today, so sorry for the lack of visuals today. 

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