Friday, June 14, 2013

Cranach, Luther, and Bach, oh my!

Today was rather busy. We first got up and enjoyed a big wonderful German breakfast. I ate a ton, knowing I may or may not be able to eat stuff later in the day, being vegetarian and all. 

We loaded the bus by 8:00 and were off to Wartburg to see the castle. Remarkably, it was sunny. I've never been here when it was sunny so it was good to know sun does exist here. 

We took the guided tour and my favorite place is still the uppermost level where there is the banquet hall. It is splendid and you can't even imagine what it is like unless you get to go in person. 

Then we toured the part on your own and I saw again the room where Marty translated the Bible  to German  and also standardized the German language. I will never ever get tired of seeing this room. I get chills every time just thinking of all the history. 

When we went through the museum I peered through a doorway and saw 2 doors down some Cranach paintings. Anyone who knows me at all knows how I feel about Cranach. I made a beeline and passed over everything to see these. I stood there and stared and that's how I spent time time in that part of the museum. I had Ross take a picture and you can see how happy I am to be so close to Cranach paintings!

From here we took a short bus drive back to Eisenach and went to Georgenkirche. It was here that J.S. Bach was baptized. Holy moly. Here's the font where it happened. Holy moly. 

Then we went past the Luther house to the the Bachhaus. I've been here before, of course, but it just never gets old. I still got chills during the instrument demonstration and I about went crazy because I couldn't play them. I've been in Germany 3 days and haven't touched a key or pedal yet. Anyway, on the way I decided to strike a pose with Bach and grabbed my pen and paper and tried to pose just as he was. 

After that we had some free time so we walked around the city and had a nice conversation with the Pastor leading the tour. We made lots of fun L CMS connections and talked about ministry and churches and church politics. I loved it. We all went to dinner together. Turns I couldn't eat much of what was served, but they had bitter lemon which was good enough for me! After dinner, we went back to the hotel for devotions, hour rehearsal, and bed. 

I'm seeing both pros and cons of traveling with a group (haven't done it since study tour) and am not yet sure if I love it or hate it. It certainly has both advantages and disadvantages. Hmmmmm 

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