Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Total overload

Today we got up and made the very tedious and long journey to Neuenfelde. I've been here before but it is is one of my favorite organs. The last time I was here, I was so excited by the organ that I forgot to look for Arp Scnitger's grave. Don't ask me how I could be such an idiot. Anyway, here's the skinny on the organ. It needs repair, but it is a two manual, short octave, meantone amazing little instrument. You can tell by listening which stops are original and which are new. I was thrilled that I did so well with the short octave and wish I could practice this in the states. This organ also has stop with a little joke, since it is  not even a real stop. Ross and I got a good laugh over that. In addition to the organ being good, the church is drop dead gorgeous.

After playing a tiny bit I could stand it no longer and ran downstairs in search of my beloved Schnitger. I found the grave. My heart started POUNDING and I knelt down by the grave and sat there staring at it wondering if this was real life. I made several trips back there in the few hours we were there trying to wrap my head around it. 

Talk about a deep place. Between the organ and the grave, it will knock the socks off anyone with a pulse. 

As if this wasn't enough for me to process, we went back to Hamburg and visited the Jacobikirche and stared at the organ and brought some CDs. I played this organ many years ago and remember like it was yesterday. I was sad not to play it but nice to be back. 

Then (if you aren't sitting, sit down before reading on) we went to the Katharinenkirche. On study tour, the rückpositiv was finished and it was drop dead amazing. I knew that it was recently complete and was dying to see it. I walked up the center isle slowly with my heart racing. I tried to gain composure and be patient until I got to the front. When I thought I could handle it, I turned around. My breath caught and I immediately had to sit down. This picture doesn't even do justice. 

 We saw a sign that said the is a concert tomorrow so I will even get to hear it. 

My brain is now on total overload. It will explode at any moment. I can't process fast enough the things I am seeing and experiencing. Someone, please! Pass the oxygen!

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