Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Turning a corner

Well, it seems that with just a couple of days left, my trip is finally turning a corner and will end well.

Today..... I played an organ. Yes, I actually got to play an organ. It only took being here a dozen days. Never again am I coming in August. That's for sure. I am so glad this organ worked out. It is one of two in Erfurt that I had hoped to play. This was the Volckland. 

Stunning, isn't it? One of the organists met me and just turned his keys over to me. He was kind enough to share with me the history of this organ. This church used to belong to the monastery and one of the nuns helped with the idea for the design of the organ and altar. She had her initials put several places in the church. 

This organ is special because apparently Volckland was only permitted to build organs in a very small area of Germany. The organist proudly showed me his favorite stop that is "like a recorder upside down. Plays like butter." He demonstrated and the sweet sound filled the room and I couldn't help but smile. He sad this organ can sound like a north German or south German organ. He demonstrated and I had a hard time wrapping my head around it. No surprise that I like the north German sound best and when I heard that it of Buxtehude I jumped for joy inside. He left and I sat down on the bench. I played JC Bach, Weckman, Scheidemann, Sweelink, and all my favorites. It was like being home. Being in happy land. Just me, God, and the organ. I was able to tap into that deep part of the music and myself and I got rather emotional when playing through the Scheidenann. I've waited so long to play this way on such an instrument. More than a year. It satisfied that longing I often have to play these instruments, but also left me craving more, and I won't likely get more this trip. So, I stayed as long as I could (3+ hours) and savored every second. 

Joy, joy, joy. Deep down in my soul joy. 

This evening we headed to some monastery not far from here. Is is sort of like the one in Michigan because there are lutheran connections. It was super fun to see the six monks running around the property. We sang a concert and enjoyed a meal afterwards. I sorta wish I would have bought one of the icons they were selling. Oh well. I love monasteries. I love the idea of them and everything. Maybe I should become a Lutheran nun. I'd be good at it, I think. 

We returned to the hotel by 10 or so. I still am just thinking about that organ and feeling so warm and fuzzy and good from that interface experience. Mountain top high and lots of adrenaline today, for sure. 

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