Monday, August 4, 2014

Not loving France

What a waste of a day. 

Well, I always said that no matter what kind of bumps or challenges were to arise when traveling, it wouldn't be that awful because it is Europe. Today that theory proved false. I felt like the entire day was wasted. We got up, loaded the bus, and headed to France. We arrived at a little town called   Ribeauville and went to a wine tasting. I hate wine. Everyone else loves it and had too much. The volume went up and I soon had a headache. We walked up the street to lunch. 

This lunch was horrid. Two and a half hours long. No one was expecting that. People got antsy and started roaming, causing quite a scene. Totally embarrassing. The so called vegetarian option turned out to be a huge pile of very stinky fish. Apparently here fish aren't animals. I don't get it. I don't mind the smell of meat but the smell of fish makes me nauseous and I already had a headache. Not thrilled about not getting to eat, either. 

Then it poured buckets so we decided to forgo the sightseeing and travel the hour to the next town, Strausbourg. We got lost. It took two and a half hours to find the hotel. The bus did a u-turn on the highway. In front of a police officer. The bus driver kept hopping out of the bus looking for someone who spoke English or German to give directions. By the time we arrived at the hotel, the whole bus was cranky. 

We got to our hotel. No good. Thin walls and the tiniest roomies you can imagine. I have to walk sidewise to get to the bed. The bathrooms all have frosted glass doors. Sick. The public bathroom on the main floor in the lobby is for both men and women and the doors are frosted glass there as well. Double sick. I'm thinking I won't get to shower or use the bathroom for two days straight. 

It rained some more. Lots. By the time it stopped, everything was closed. 

Even walking around, it was so different. I've been to many countries and never felt as odd as I did being here.  

No pictures. No words. 

I hate France. I came in skeptical, and 12 hours later, my mind is made up. If tomorrow isn't different, this will be the first and only time I come here. 

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