Monday, August 11, 2014

A free day in Leipzig

Today was a free day. I slept in since our days have been am packed and often start early. Once I had showered and eaten breakfast, I walked the very familiar path to St. Thomas. No matter how many times I visit this city, I go to St. Thomas every day that I'm here and it never ceases to impress, amaze, and giving me goosebumps. After wandering around, thinking about not only the history but about the various times I've been there and how I've changed over the years, I walked back to the hotel to figure out the plan for the day. Unfortunately, and much to my extreme disappointment, the organ I was hoping to play didn't work out. The organist finally got back to me ( I had emailed days ago) that it just isn't possible but any other day would be fine. I seems that August is the worst time to come to Germany and pay organs because everyone is on holiday. 

So, I caught up on some blogging, walked around the city, visited with a few people, and took a nap. The museum that I would have liked to visit again was closed, because of course it is Monday and many museums aren't open on Monday. 

I continue to wrestle with trying to force myself to find the positives and noting that the trip wasn't all bad, and the sad reality that this is by far the most challenging and least memorable trip I've ever been on. I suspect I will think about this for many days once I get back to America. For the first time ever on a Germany trip, I'm ready to be home. I've been ready to be home off and on this whole trip. Odd. 

A dear friend, colleague, and mentor wisely wrote to me in an email a few days ago" I think it's time for you to reacquaint yourself with the Europe you know and love." I think he is spot-on, but sadly, I don't think that I'll happen this trip. It's just too far gone. I think at this point, I make the most of it the few days that are left, and don't get my hopes up that the remaining 3 organs will work out, and then next year, I will come again. I will come alone, with different purposes and different schedule and in a different month. I am already having dreams of being back and falling in love again. I want to love Germany. I do love Germany. I don't love this trip, which is making it hard to remember that I love Germany. I am thankful that there have been some awesome people in the choir to make the trip better because with out them, it would have been totally horrible. I tell myself that the two best things to come out of the trip are 

1) I was able to sing a cantata in Bach's church, which was my primary motivation for coming with this group in the first place. 

2) The course of events has really caused me to reevaluate and reaffirm my position on music ministry and what it is, and what it is not. 

No pictures today, since I've been here in Leipzig a million times. 

This afternoon I met up with some friends who are service here in Leipzig  a missionaries. They took me to their SELK church, which was great to see. They also took me to get some real authentic kuchen, not the commercialized stuff you buy in town. We chatted about this and that, and it was just pleasant to spend time with some like-minded people my age. It was a real blessing. 

After I was done with then, it was dinner, and one last walk around the city. Leipzig, I love you. You continue to be one of my top five favorite cities in the whole wide world. 

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