Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hello, Switzerland!!

I have arrived safely in Switzerland! I am exhausted but excited. I think this year will prove very interesting and I have mixed feelings about how it will all go. 

The flight over was awesome- smooth with zero turbulence and an easy landing. We flew on Swiss Air, which I must say may now be my new favorite airline or at least tie with SAS. When we arrived at the airport (which, by the way, terminal 5 is redone and looks so much better) it made me smile to see the flight crew march two by two onto the plane. Very formal and serious. This is so different from the casual nature of American flight crews. Anyway, the food was by far the best airplane food I have ever had and they even used real silverware. The seats were super comfy compared to other airplane seats I've sat in so I even managed to sleep a few hours. They gave us lots of snacks and even some chocolate. I would use this airline again in a heartbeat. Once we arrived and made it through passport control and customs, we hopped on the bus and headed to our hotel. Now we are relaxing a bit before getting back on the bus to head to our first rehearsal. Super excited about that. 

The other major difference with this year is that I packed an embarrassingly large amount of stuff. I blame it on having such a quick turnaround from my CT trip, but my suitcase weighed in at 10kg. I usually can keep it to 7. I won't likely use half the junk I packed but I'm still one of the lightest packers. Some of these people have the huge giant suitcases. I don't get it, though that was me my first trip to Europe. 49 lbs and boy did I learn my lesson after that. 

That's it for now,  it's 1:30 PM here so I need to make it till 8 or so to defeat jet lag. 

Yay for Europe. I love it here!!

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