Wednesday, August 6, 2014

I'm finally in Germany!

Today we left France and headed to Germany. I knew the second we crossed the border and I relaxed significantly. Our first stop was to Heidelberg Castle, which was quite lovely.

After this, it was to the new hotel to check in, and then out to explore the city. Of course, by this time most things were closed but it was nice to stroll the streets. 

I ended up getting to spend some time with one of the women who speaks fluent German and is helping organize this whole trip. She is a lovely person and I really enjoyed getting to talk to her and hear about how she came more learn German. 

I'm still struggling with wondering if this was a good idea to come on this trip or not. There have been good moments, for sure, but not as good as the trip with last year's group. I'm still sorting through it all in my mind. At least I'm in Germany. 

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