Sunday, August 17, 2014

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

Today was the loooooong trip back home, but boy was I ready. We were on the bus by 7 and to the airport not long after that. On the short flight to Zurich, we were given a drink, a roll, and chocolate. From there it was a short train to the next terminal, passport control, and onto the plane for our 9+ hour flight. I hate traveling west. Takes longer, it's usually during the day so I can't sleep, and drags on and on. I love Swiss air though. We got a drink and some crackers, then lunch (tasty eggplant tomato pasta!), then Swiss chocolate ice cream break, then pizza, then chocolate. Lots of food breaks and they take care of you well. Once home, it was through passport control. Crowded, unorganized, yelling workers, unfriendly workers. Typical. Welcome home. Ugh. Then I called my dad who came and picked me up and I went home. I was so glad to see everyone and mostly to see that little fur baby of mine, who was crying with joy and running like a maniac and then climbing all over me. My mom said he was antsy for a half hour before I was home. Not sure how he knows, but he does. Going to bed early, and will post more later.

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