Sunday, August 3, 2014

I cheated on Martin Luther today

Today we enjoyed the city of Zurich. We began our day by singing for church at Grossmünster. While it was a beautiful church and nice acoucsics, I felt like I was cheating my guy Marty by worshiping at Zwingli's church. I got pretty grouchy after church because there were people from our group taking all kinds of pictures and there was a sign in English and German saying not to!!! 

After church we had lunch together and then had a ton of free time. I went with a couple different groups and enjoyed an absolutely wonderful concert in the afternoon. The thing that was most impressive is that so many of the performers were children under age 14. They sure know how to raise cultured kids here in Europe! In addition to the concert, I had fun walking around, visiting all the churches I could find, and just strolling the old cobblestone streets. While walking along the river, I spied the back of a statue and exclaimed without thinking "is that my guy Marty?"  I of course immediately realized my mistake and confirmed it was not my guy Marty, but Zwingli. Against my better judgement, I posed for a picture with him, telling myself it was ok because I have pictures of myself with many, many statues of Marty, and I was after all in Switzerland. 

Overall, I really enjoyed today and my only regret is that our time in Switzerland isn't longer than a day and a half. I am already thinking about coming back here sometime in the future to really explore it. 

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