Monday, June 18, 2012

Exploring Magdeburg

Today we woke up and spent the morning wandering the streets of Magdeburg. It is nice to be in a city I know fairly well. We walked by the dom, the old city ruins, the catholic church, etc. etc. Basically, we were tourists taking a million pictures.

After sufficient wandering, we went to the Magdeburg Dom for a real treat. We got to play the new organ. I have played the big organ a few years ago, but they recently completed a new "little" organ for the side chapel. Their idea of a "little" organ is not little at all. I would take their "little" organ over most any American organ any day. This organ had more than 20 stops and was situated in the chapel which is used in the winter when it becomes too cold in the Dom as well as for some weddings. Mind you, all these photos are of the CHAPEL, not the dom. The dom is much, much bigger!!!

After this, we took the train to Niederndodeleben. My, oh my did it feel good to be back on that organ. The wind is still a bit temperamental, but that makes it all the more fun. I wish we had more time, but I was grateful for the time they did give us.
After this we met Manfred and all enjoyed dinner together. It is still asparagus season, so we all had some. The white asparagus is quite yummy. We took the long way back to Manfred's and enjoyed some stunning views of the city from afar as the sun set. I tried to capture it, but there is nothing like standing there in person.

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