Sunday, June 17, 2012

Back again

This morning we woke up and enjoyed a nice breakfast. It felt very strange not to go to church on a Sunday morning, but since this village is so small and they have to share their pastor, services are only every other week. This was a real disappointment, since I love to worship here. We left and went to Gotha, where we went to a hymnal exhibition. There were cases full of old hymnals of all shapes and sizes from various times. It was quite fascinating to see them all and to think how hymnals have developed over the year. It was thrilling to recognize many of the tunes in the books that are still used today all these years later! After we had looked at everything, we walked around outside a bit and enjoyed the lovely weather.

From here, we got on a train with Manfred and headed to Magdaburg. We passed through many towns that I wish we could have stopped to see, but our schedule was just too full this time around. Once we got to the Magdeburg Hauptbahnhof, Manfred got on a tram to go home and Ross and I dumped our luggage in a locker and got on another train and headed to Niederndodeleben for an organ recital. It was wonderful to be back and to see many familiar faces. It was so nice to sit and enjoy the music. I have usually been the one playing, so never really had an opportunity to hear the organ in the space. After the recital, we stayed and visited with a few people, then took the train back to Magdeburg, walked to Manfred's flat, and crashed. Looking forward to finally playing some organs tomorrow!

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