Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Come, Sweet(s,) Death.

Today, we went to the Zentralfriedohf and saw many, many graves. This cemetery was absolutely huge and my photos didn't do much justice to capture the vast span of graves. There were tombstones and markers as far as the eye could see. I have always loved cemeteries and crypts and such. So peaceful. This cemetery was dense with graves stacked on top of each other and many of them were so close together there wasn't even an isle. We saw many famous composers. It's really surreal to stand at the graves of these people.

After standing there marveling at being so close to these people, we wandered around the cemetery for a bit looking at headstones and names, etc. and then headed back into town. We used the mass transit system and when we got to our destination, we had to climb up many stairs to get back to ground level. As I neared the top, Ross turned back to me and said with a smile and exclaimed "Ta-da!!!" I looked up and saw this:

TA-DA is right. No, it's an understatement. This sight was unbelievable. I knew we were going to see the Stephansdom, but wasn't expecting it to be right there at the top of the stairs! Here's a view from the side.

We walked back to the place we were staying after stopping by the grocery store. I bought a package of strawberries and a bottle of bitter lemon for lunch. The berries here are one of my favorite things!! Then it was out for some more walking and sightseeing. Eventually we were hungry and decided to find dinner. Any guess what I had for dinner my first day in Vienna?

Oh yes I did. Big, giant concoction of gelato and other goodness served in a bowl. And thus it was in fact a day of sweet(s) and death. Come, Sweet Death, but please don't come now. I'm having too much fun!

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