Monday, July 21, 2014

Hello, East Coast!

I understand that up until this point this blog has been exclusively used to document my European travels. Throughout the year, though, I have regretted not documenting my Kodály Level One Experience. Since Kodály Level Two is happening right before Europe and feels like an extension of my summer travels, I decided to do a couple blog posts about these adventures. If you have no interest in the East coast or music nerd talk, check back in two weeks when I'm in Europe. If you like music nerd stuff or the East coast, read on and check back often.

I arrived in Hartford yesterday and was both excited and terrified for what level two would be like. I've been through level one and that was more intense than anything, so I could only imagine what this year would be like. 

Thankfully, though, this year will be better since I have friends here from last year. It was so nice to see familiar faces and know who I will be rooming with for two weeks. Last year I came alone, knew absolutely no one, and was more or less terrified. Interestingly, both of my roomies commented upon arrival that they were also terrified last year, so I was glad to know that I wasn't the only one so nervous last year! 

We moved in, which proved hilarious. I had a carry on. My roomie who flew from North Carolina had a carry on. My roomie who drove from Pennsylvania had an entire car load. We laughed so hard as we hauled up box after box of dishes, groceries, pots, pans, and other things. We kept reminding her that we are only here TWO WEEKS. It looks like we're here permanently. Hilarious, yes, but I am thankful for her bringing all this because it is much cheaper to grocery shop and share meals than to eat in the overpriced and less-than-tasty cafeteria on campus. 

Today kicked off the first day of classes. Classes met from 8 in the morning until 5 in the evening with a 45 minute lunch break, and then it's straight to the practice room and kitchen table for hours of homework. These are the kind of classes where you better pay attention every second or you will be put on the spot and humiliated. We worked until 11:30 tonight with minimal goofing off because there was so much to do. I was eager to see how many people would be back this year. I've heard that with the intensity of the classes, each level gets smaller. Last year we had more than twenty people. This year, there are are only ten who made it back. I can only imagine how small level three might be next year.

I'll try to write more about the classes and amazing instructors, but I have a pile of homework tonight and need to go hit the practice rooms pretty hard. 

Stay tuned! 

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