Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The End is in Sight

The end is fast approaching. It is shocking how quickly these two weeks have flown by. I have really tried to be more conscious about enjoying my time and savoring life rather than wishing it away by thinking way ahead and being stressed, etc. While these two weeks have been busy and stressful, I would say I've taken more time this year to just enjoy it, though it certainly was super stressful. For example, last year, I lived off PB&J sandwiches for the entire two weeks. This year we've shared grocery shopping and cooking and sometimes invite the suite across the hall to join us so there have been many nights where we've all sat down around the table to enjoy a meal tighter. I still took a pass when the group went out for trivia night and to go to a bar, but I participated more with my class outside of homework, which has been great.

Today in Folk Song Research, I had my one-on-one meeting to review my final project. It went just fine (thank goodness!) and I even showed him the curriculum planning spreadsheet my friend Katie and I created. He was very impressed with this idea and said in all the years of teaching he had never seen anyone lay things out like that. Yay!

Then somehow it came up that I teach at a Lutheran school. He commented that he taught at a Lutheran school once and that he was so impressed at how much that school sang and what those kids could do. He said it was as if they were born to sing in parts. My Lutheran pride swelled up like crazy. While Lutherans sadly don't sing like they used to, it's good to know we still have a reputation of being a singing people.

My suite mates Sue and Jessica and I spent a good chunk of the evening in the library working, then went out for ice cream once last time since this is my last night here. I can't believe my time here is almost done.

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