Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Today Margaret and Craig met us again and we spent the entire day touring Prague. It was wonderful to have them with us since they have lived here nearly two years and know a lot about the city. Ross and I would not have seen or done nearly as much as we did without their help!

We had a really yummy lunch at this vegetarian restaurant (amazing since this country's cuisine isn't generally vegetarian an friendly) and then headed up to the castle. I saw it from a distance last year and saw it very hurriedly the year before that so I was quite excited to get to properly see it and spend some time there. It didn't disappoint, that is for sure. The place is huge and the views impressive. You don't really realize how huge this city is when you are inside of it, but looking down on it, it just stretches on and on. We went in St. Vitus but didn't pay to take pictures. I tried to capture the part of the outside that wasn't behind scaffolding, but it was quite difficult to fit it all in the frame because it is so monstrous. 

Then we went to Vyšehrad cemetery to find Antonín Dvořák and Bedřich Smetana. We saw other graves, of course, but these were the two I was most excited about. The graveyard was dense, much like the one I saw last year in Vienna and the graves were just crammed one next to another next to the church. 

We enjoyed dinner together and then found some gelato, then walked to the TV tower and looked at the huge baby statues crawling up it. They looked kinda strange, almost like ants. Then we went back to the hotel quite tired. We saw so much and I am very glad we allowed several days to see this city this year!

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