Monday, July 1, 2013

Goodbye, Germany. Hello, Czech Republic!

Today we got up and began our journey to Prague. We traveled by regional trains because it was cheaper. The other advantage is that it allowed us 3 hours in Leipzig where we had to change trains. We put our our luggage in a locker and took the three hours to go through this great city one more time and to visit Bach's grave once again. It never gets old. One is never prepared for it. It catches your breath every time. I'm glad we could see it again. 

From Leipzig we went to Dresden and We arrived in Prague about 8:00. We we met by Ross's friend Margaret and her boyfriend Craig and after we deposited our luggage at the hotel we went out to dinner and for a short walk in the town. I'm excited to have a few days here and hoping that I can properly see the city this time!

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